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Who likes the name Erin for a girl?
Is the name 'Luisa' pretty or not ? (This is my name 😋)
My name is Jaya ( jay-ya ) is it a cool name???
Which name is my name?
Do you like the name Imogen (my name)
Who likes the name arrianna?
Do you think the name Esme is pretty
Is lily a nice name
Is Miana a pretty name (me-ah-na) it's my name

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There is this guy and my feelings for him are weird, recently he moved away and i feel broken, what should i do?
Is Tony a good nickname for Anthony?
What kind of sport do u think I do ? (Write answer is in the comments) (and sorry I look weird ://)
What are Bubzvlogz dogs called
Favourite death eater? Voldemort, Draco, Bellatrix or Lucius?
I got a new hair cut how does it look?
When you hear of the town 'Bury', what's the first thing you say?
What shape is the earth?
Which Big Bang Theory character is the best
Is it wrong to be homo xx
My mum says that I'm too young for a boyfriend and I'm 12 when is too young
Which picture of Debby Ryan ( Jessie ) do you prefer?
What is your favourite Impulse body spray?
Who self harms ?? # likeMe
I live in America does everybody on this game live in Britain?
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