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Is the name 'Luisa' pretty or not ? (This is my name 😋)
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Is lily a nice name
Is Miana a pretty name (me-ah-na) it's my name

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What is this??? Comment If you know (3 letter word)
Am I pretty? ( zoom in because it's blurry as hell)
Boom _______, sound of my heart
Socks and sandals???
Do u speak French?
Do you have a brother or sister?
What nickname can you give to someone called ellie??
What age should you become a lezbion?
I like my crush and he likes me what should I do?
Best Taylor swift song ( comment if other
What's your frav tv show out of these
Do you like my new haircut?!?!
Do you know any survey codes?
I haven't heard from my boyfriend for a week what should I do
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