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I just had fight with my friend and she doesn't want to be best friends anymore what do I do!!
My best friend and I have had 5 fall outs now she want doesn't be best friends what should I do
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I'm madly in love with this girl but she doesn't want to date people right now.... what do i do?
I have a best friend and we got in to a fight I ask if we could be friend but she said no now what do I do
My best friend is going out with my crush and she knew I like him he knew I liked him too what do I do I'm really mad
My best friend is a bully she bully's me and my friends. All the girls in the class hate her. Should I…
I had a good friend and she tried to stop me from having other friend but she could have other friends what should I do
My best friend dumped me because she wanted to make new friends. Should I still try to be friends with her?

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