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Who's your bae???😘😘😘😍😍😍
Who's your bae?
Who is your favorite football player?
Who is your favourite celeb
Who is your favorite singer/rapper
Who Is your music singer crush
Who is your fav celeb?
Who is your favorite 1d person
Who is your favourite band

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My .... My ..... Is yours tripping on skies sippin waterfalls.
Do you like candy? And what kind do you like?
Coolest lipstick?πŸ’„
What would u do if u saw ur crush with another girl?
Shout out to naila!!!!!!
Do you love the Dolan Twins? (Are you a fan)
12 divided by 60
I never seen a diamond in the flesh. I cut my _______ on wedding rings in the movies.
Do you kiss when you have sex
FRIDAY is near, what are u going to do?
Laisser moi des commentaire et je vous rΓ©pondrais . Ne rΓ©pondais pas a la question juste un commentaire .
Text nude pics to 402-925-7732
Do you like red lobster ?
Would you fuck your dog for $1 million dollars?
Have you ever dissected a frog
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