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Favorite subject in school?
Shoutout to cow
Who else is being hacked? Cuz I am😱😵 STOP HACKING
I'm bored out of my mind. Kik anyone? Mine is macy_loves_u. Comment urs if u want 😕
You have weekend homework. When do you do it?
Facebook or twitter?
Do you know what hurling is ???????
If A Straight Guy Taunts you and you're gay... you...
Narwhal, unicorn, Pegasus. Which do you like better
Am I fat I weight 118 & I'm 4"10
Which Breaking Benjamin song do you like the best?
What is the strongest block in minecraft?
Hey how can you log in to an already made account on heycrowd?
Does John Stewart have a big nose?
Which show is best?
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