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How old do you think is my cat?
What are your top five most valued personality traits?!
Which quote speaks to you?
Would u eat pussy for money
Should I tell my mom I'm gay ( only 13)
Is the glass half full or half empty , or malformed?
Are you
Would you rather be fat and happy or skinny and sad?
Am I lesbian if I always watch lesbian porn and finger myself over thought of other women, but wish I had a boyfriend?
She Is . . .
Whos Hotter ? Selena or Katy
Who is Looks or is better Soul,Blackstar,or Death the kid? How you can tell which is which is they are in order by name.
This absolutely breaks my heart! 😭😭😖😩😖😭😭😖😩😖😭😖😩
Throwback to prom, great event but the after party was even better. #europeanspartybetter
Is my dog cute it's her birthday!!! Happy birthday fluffy!!!
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