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Quelle est votre chanteuse ou chanteur préféré
Do you support the lgbtq community?
Is this amazing or what?!😃
Have you ever pretended to be sick for something? Tell me why if you did
Shoutout to @hera!!
Have you ever failed a test?
What grade are you in?
Best selfie(if you comment pls no mean comments thanks😘)
Do you have any pets? If so, what are they and what are their names?
Know what really stinks? Going to the dentist on your birthday and getting your braces tightened
Who knows about the 1direction movie?( I do ;)
I'm 10...what time should I go to bed?
Did you know if you pick a number double it add six half it then subtract by the number you started with you get three.
😭 would you help this cat? Go to meow box to see what you can do. This is more for cat people though😕
Do You Like My Poly Vores Or Should I Stop Them
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