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Have you heard of the rock band Taproot?
Does anybody know of the BAND called Halestorm?
Do you know who Nirvana are ?
Do you like the band: The Vamps?? I love them so much!!!
Do you like The Vamps??? They are my fave band EVER!!!!
Do you like the janoskians xx
Do u like the wompiez
Do you like horses?

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Rate me by emoji
Insect eating bats produce sparkly poop! Did you know?
Do you like hamburgers?
She loves her phone. She doesn't even pay attention to me. She didn't know I took this
What is the best comeback if someone calls you a bitch?
Witch name is better
What would you do to me
If you got a dog what would you name it?
Hera is LIEING about her cancer cousin is texting me
What's the hardest part of gymnastics?
where can i watch "The Hunger games" online?
Guys please check this out its so funny you will laugh!!
Do you think my brother is cute
Do you go to high school?
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