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If u had 3 wishes wat would u wish 4 and can't have more wishes
If u only had 1 wish, what would it be?(no unlimited wishes u cheaters)
What would u do if u had a time machine ?
If you had one wish what would it be?
If u had 1million fillers what would u do$$$$ coment your answer
If u had a day with one direction what would u do??❤💜
If u had a million dollar what would u do with it
(Girls)If u had girlfriend but really loved another girl who might be ur best friend what would you do
If you had one wish, what would it be?

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Would you rather be ugly and live forever or attractive and die in a year? Why (comment).
Am I cute
Have you seen the movie Coraline?
Are you in dance comp
Caleb died ( Caleb from bratayley )
Girls wanting to be fingered?
Shout out to BMO(FAM/PMS/NOB)
I think I have a case of alektorophobia, anyone else have it?
Happy Halloween! 👻🎃
Anybody know why people say yasss instead of yesssss?
Who do you consider yourself?
What was the scariest/most suspenseful part in Catching Fire?
Who's hotter from these bands .
Hey guys! I'm MoopyDoopy! I decided to make a second profile. No I am not that young. That is a very old picture
Would you buy a new brand of thc-free, hemp CBD infused tea if sold at your local natural food store or deli?
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